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Development Staff: An Endangered Species Pt. 3

How the disappearance of qualified Development Directors impacts the fundraising ecosystem In our last blog, I discussed how the decline of the Development Director has been coming for a long time and is directly impacted by supply and demand and cutthroat competition for resources. Many of the issues facing organizations seeking good Development Directors also affect other development positions. Nearly all Development Associate positions today are filled by Millennials. Younger development staff have specific career goals and require pathways clarifying how and when they will grow, gain experience, and move into leadership positions. The work environment is vital to their success. They want

Development Staff: An Endangered Species Pt. 2

Where have all the good Development Directors gone? In our last blog, I discussed how Development Directors started to leave the nonprofit sectors as a result of the nonprofit Baby Boomers. Gen X-ers chafed in the environments they worked in due to unrealistic expectations, and many of them left the field to work in for-profits. Economic and market conditions have also played a significant role. Every time there has been a significant downturn in the economy, a plethora of new nonprofits are created by those who were laid off. This happened when Denver experienced an economic downturn in the oil industry in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as well as the economic recession in the late 2000’s

Development Staff: An Endangered Species Pt. 1

The history of fundraising and development staffing After 22 years of working in the nonprofit sector, I have seen my fair share of excellent mentors, leaders and development professionals. However, since 2008, the environment has significantly changed for development professionals. There are three positions that are getting harder and harder to find: excellent Development Directors, events people, and Grant Writers. What do you do if you want to save the world? In the 1960's and 1970's in Colorado, the answer was to create a nonprofit. Colorado was lucky to have so many visionaries who believed in making a difference by helping the disadvantaged, promoting equity and fairness, and making a

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