Case Statements

Case Statement / Case for Support

A Case Statement (aka a Case for Support) is a graphically designed communications piece serves three primary purposes: (1) It helps all staff, volunteers, and board member agree on key organizational goals and messaging; (2) it serves as a persuasive marketing piece for internal and external audiences; and (3) it serves as a leave-behind when soliciting potential donors. Effectively, it explains why potential donors should support your campaign.
The six components of a Case Statement are:
  • Who are you? – This covers your mission, vision and purpose. It also includes setting measurable goals for a long-term growth plan (future projects and initiatives).
  • What do you do? – This covers your current services and your impact. It also forces you to answer the question of whom do you currently serve.
  • Why you are unique? – This covers how you benefit the community and why the community needs you.
  • Why do you need this funding? – This covers how you want to grow and your future direction. Often it is specific enough to say how much money you need to raise.
  • How much funding do you need? – This covers why this project and support is needed
  • Why you need support now? – This clarifies why the funding is critical at this point.
In order for a Case Statement to be effective it has to be shared with board members, key staff and volunteers, who must agree with the content and messaging. ZIM can help get your organization's leadership on the same page and develop a visually appealing, pursuasive and effective Case Statement that will help you reach your fundraising goals.
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