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ZIM Consulting offers an array of services to help nonprofits build their capacity, improve their organizational structures and procedures, and, most importantly, increase their impact. All of ZIM's services are customized to your organization's needs, and there is a constant emphasis on taking projects beyond the planning phase and into implementation. ZIM's services fall into the following categories, but if you have a project that doesn't fall into one of our standard services, we'd be happy to talk to you about it to see if we still may be a fit. We also have partnerships with many other consultants and can refer you to the right person for your project if we're not a fit.

ZIM's grant writing and research services can help your organization find new potential funders, develop stronger proposals, and increase your foundation contributions.

ZIM's development/ fundraising services can help you create and implement a plan to diversify your funding sources and increase revenue through creative strategies.

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ZIM's facilitation services can help you clarify your vision and goals, and ZIM's training services can help your team learn essential skills to build capacity and effectiveness.

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ZIM's strategic- and succession-planning services can help your organization redefine its vision, mission, and programs or navigate a difficult transition to new leadership.

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ZIM's new online services can help you know

if your grant proposal

is on the right track        and can

provide you with information about specific funders. 

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