Facilitation and Training

Facilitation and Training

Do you feel like you organization or your programs are stagnating?
Do you need some outside perspective on your work?
Could your staff or board benefit from some professional development to improve their effectiveness?
ZIM Consulting believes every organization can benefit from new perspectives and a refresher on best practices in areas such as board development, fundraising, organizational systems, marketing, human resources, and more. ZIM offers a variety of facilitation and training services to help organizations build their internal capacity, improve structures and systems, and help staff and boards develop their skills and knowledge bases. For all types of facilitations and trainings, ZIM plans and works hard to make sessions engaging, team-oriented, interactive and very, very productive, with concrete outcomes and next steps. ZIM believes that every organization is unique and, therefore, ZIM is flexible with all planning processes to ensure the process and end result meets the organization's needs and aligns with the organization's culture.



If your board needs new members to bring fresh ideas, or you're trying to add new areas of expertise to your board, ZIM can help you assess your board and find new members to give your organization's leadership the skills it needs to thrive.


ZIM Consulting can help your staff and board develop new skills and learn best practices in areas such as fundraising, governance, and finance, giving your leadership the knowledge it needs to better advance your organization's mission.


ZIM Consulting can help your board and/or staff plan and go through a strategic retreat to outline goals and next steps for your organization, ensuring everyone buys in to the process to successfully accomplish your objectives.

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