Grant Writing

Grant Writing Services

Soliciting grant support from foundations, corporations, and government agencies can be a great way to meet your organization's budget and build your programs for great effectiveness and impact. But grant writing requires a significant investment of time and resources, and it requires expertise that many do not have. If you think you're missing out on grant funding because you do not have time or staff capacity to write the grants or feel like you do not have the skill set to be effective at grant writing, ZIM Consulting can help you.
As your grant-writing partner, ZIM will: 
  • Help you identify and cultivate the appropriate grant or program officer to develop relationships and increase the likelihood of receiving funding.
  • Create your standard grant language, develop new and ongoing program descriptions, and identify and help to address organizational challenges.  
  • Strategically communicate how the organization’s impact is being evaluated.
  • Compile all necessary attachments, including development of any necessary budgets.
  • Write and submit full grant proposals, letter of inquiry (LOIs), and grant reports.
  • Develop customized management tools to manage deadlines and all requirements of grants that are funded.
In 2015, ZIM's grant-writing services submitted 496 grant proposals and reports on behalf of 23 client partners, resulting in more than $10.8 million raised for tremendous organizations accomplishing amazing work!
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