Strategic Retreats 

Retreat Planning and Implementation

ZIM has significant experience planning and facilitating strategic retreats for many types of organizations with all types of stakeholders. Through these types of retreats, ZIM will help your organization develop clear short- and long-term goals in areas such as organization managementment and sustainability (including governance, staffing, technology, financial systems, etc.), fund development, marketing, programming, and more.
Through its Retreat Planning and Implementation services, ZIM will:
  • Meet with top leadership to gain understanding of the organizational culture and expected outcomes of the retreat. 
  • Assist with retreat logistics and structure as needed.
  • Perform research of internal and external resources as needed
  • Develop an agenda that includes a variety of activities, discussion topics, and strategies to accomplish the intended goals.
  • Facilitate the retreat in a fun, interacdtive manner that accomplishes the desired results and develops tangible next steps for implementation.
  • Perform post-retreat follow up to summarize outcomes and next steps. 
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