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Year-End Giving in the time of COVID-19: A Guide

While it usually feels like a joyous occasion to ask your supporters for a holiday donation, the 2020 year-end giving season feels different. Nonprofits across the country have seen significant decreases in revenue. One study found that 83% of the nonprofits surveyed experienced a reduction in revenue, with the largest reductions in earned revenue and individual donations. Some donors may be tightening their belts while dealing with economic fallout from COVID-19, while others may have changed their giving priorities. So how do we navigate year-end giving in 2020, when it feels more difficult to make the ask?

Tailor Messaging around the Impact of COVID-19 on Your Organization

Donors who focus their giving in the month of December and for Giving Tuesday may have a general understanding that COVID-19 has impacted your organization, but do not know the specifics. It is important to focus year-end messaging on how COVID-19 has directly impacted your organization in the short-term, and ho