Strategic and Succession Planning

Strategic and Succession Planning

Do you have great ideas but no idea how to implement them?
Has your organization stagnated and you need some help re-energizing your staff and board?
Are you approaching a potential change in leadership and need some help planning for the future?
ZIM Consulting can work with you to strengthen your organization through the development of a strategic plan or a succession plan. We partner with you in the training and coordination of the efforts of staff members, volunteers and other key stakeholders in order to help you realize your organizational potential.  ZIM can analyze your organizational infrastructure and operational systems and make concrete suggestions that will support your development and growth. Or, if you are potentially close to a leadership change or just want to plan ahead to protect the organization, ZIM can help you develop a succession plan to transition to new leadership.



ZIM Consulting can help you figure out the goals and objectives for your organization or a specific program, and then we'll help you develop an implementation plan to accomplish those goals.


Whether there's a potential leadership change approaching, or you just want to make sure you have a plan in place in case of an unexpected change, ZIM Consulting can help you get a plan in place to ensure stability.

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