Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Leadership changes can happen for a variety of reasons. Some leadership changes are expected, while others are sudden as a result of various possible factors, including medical reasons, a new job opportunity, or a lack of cohesion between the leader and the board or other staff. ZIM can help you develop a plan to address a potential change in staff or board leadership. This planning can help you transition smoothly to your next leader(s). This is essential, as leadership changes are inevitably stressful, and being prepared can help the organization ensure it finds the right leader and provide that leader with the proper support needed to help the organization continue to thrive into the future. ZIM Consulting can help you develop a plan so you're ready for a leadership change – in whatever form that transition takes.
ZIM's Succession Planning services will:
  • Help you assess your current staff and board to determine your succession-planning needs.
  • Evaluate staff capacity and capabilities to fulfill leadership roles in an emergency.
  • Identify potential internal and external succession candidates.
  • Develop internal structures and processes to increase the new leader's likelihood of success.
  • Create a customized, step-by-step plan for succession based on your organization's needs and situation.
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