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Additional Offerings: Planning and Implementation Services

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Our strategic plans are designed to guide nonprofits toward success. Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, ZIM customizes strategies that address your organization's specific needs and ensure practical implementation. Whether you're focusing on programming, development, leadership succession, or other areas, ZIM adapts to your requirements.


ZIM offers a holistic approach that covers governance, administration, systems, programming, fundraising, marketing, and more. Throughout our strategic planning process, we involve staff, board members, volunteers, and stakeholders, to build buy-in across your organization. The results include a well-crafted plan and practical tools for its successful execution.

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A case statement is a critical fundraising tool for every nonprofit. ZIM takes your big ideas, programs, and wishlists for potential supporters and turns them into a captivating story.

Our Case Statements (also known as a Case for Support) answer the key questions potential contributors need to know about your organization. Think of us as the storytellers who bring your staff, volunteers, and board members onto the same exciting page, while also crafting a persuasive tale that grabs the attention of people outside your circle.

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Capital campaigns require meticulous planning, strong leadership, and effective communication to engage donors and stakeholders. Whether your organization is constructing new facilities, renovating existing ones, acquiring equipment, or expanding programs, ZIM can help.


We provide a variety of capital campaign services, including everything from feasibility studies and campaign setup to campaign planning and ongoing management. ZIM offers customized approaches to meet your specific capital needs.

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ZIM offers a range of facilitation and training services designed to assist nonprofits in enhancing their internal capacity, refining structures and systems, and enabling staff and boards to develop their skills and knowledge bases.


ZIM ensures that sessions are engaging, team-oriented, interactive, and highly productive, resulting in tangible outcomes and actionable next steps. Whether conducted through retreats, online platforms, in-person sessions, or hybrid formats, ZIM customizes the approach to align with specific needs and stated goals.

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Grant Research

Get a tailored list of grant opportunities that fit your nonprofit's needs

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Grant Writing

Get full service support writing and editing compelling grant applications

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