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Grant Research

Paving a Path to Funding Success with ZIM 

Welcome to ZIM's Grant Research Service – your partner in navigating the complex world of grant funding. At ZIM, we understand that securing funding for your organization's programs and initiatives is crucial to achieving your mission. Our comprehensive and personalized grant research service is designed to empower nonprofits with the insights and connections needed to unlock new avenues of financial support.
What Makes ZIM's Grant Research Unique?
At ZIM, we go beyond traditional grant research by offering a customized approach that takes into account both your organization's unique history and goals, as well as our extensive resources. Our process is carefully crafted to help you make informed decisions and strategically approach potential funders. 

The Journey of Grant Research
We begin with an information-gathering session where our dedicated team of researchers collaborates with your staff, board, and/or volunteer leadership to deeply understand your organization's history, programs, partnerships, and funding needs. We then meticulously identify diverse funding opportunities aligned with your objectives at local, regional, and national levels, covering community foundations, private family foundations, corporate foundations, and government entities. The next step involves creating comprehensive one-page profiles for your current, recent, and potential funders, which are conveniently compiled in an easy-to-use book format along with board and staff details.
Together, we will review your organization’s custom grant research book, discussing alignment and strategies for each funder. We wrap up with a tailored cultivation plan, utilizing the insights from the research to create a roadmap for developing relationships, complete with documents to be reviewed during a cultivation strategy session.

Advantages of ZIM's Grant Research

Time Savings

Our meticulous research saves your organization countless hours, allowing you to focus on your core mission.

Credibility & Support

ZIM's research presentation and strategic cultivation sessions empower nonprofits with the credibility needed to forge impactful relationships with potential funders.

Relevant & Current Insights

Our grant research equips you with up-to-date, easy-to-read information to strategically engage both new and returning funders.

Relationship Cultivation

Our focus on relationship cultivation with institutional funders increases your organization's likelihood of receiving grant funding.
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Grant Writing

Get full service support writing and editing compelling grant applications

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Additional Services

Get support with strategic planning, fundraising and development, and more

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