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ABOUT ZIM Consulting

ABOUT ZIM Consulting

About ZIM Consulting

ZIM Consulting

In 2006, ZIM Consulting was founded because Marty Zimmerman and Shira Zimmerman saw a need. There were (and continue to be) an abundance of nonprofit organizations in Colorado, but many were having difficulty building the organizational capacity to truly support their missions. There also were (and continue to be) many nonprofit consultants who help nonprofits with various projects, but most of them develop plans without assisting with implementation. ZIM Consulting works with nonprofits to develop attainable objectives, set realistic benchmarks, and complete tasks on the path to achieving their goals.
ZIM Consulting has grown to employ 25 dedicated and talented staff members who assist nonprofit and governmental organizations with up to 18 services. Whatever your project, ZIM has the expertise and capacity to help you reach your goals! Contact us today to discuss your potential project!

Why Choose Us?


We've been consulting with nonprofits for more than 16 years after significant experience working directly for various nonprofit organizations.


Recognizing that each organization is different, we customize each project to your needs. You'll receive a service that's completely unique to your organization.


We work in partnership with you and will ensure our shared project meets your organization's needs. We consider your success to be our success.

Want to learn more about our services?
Got a special project in mind? 


We love hearing from new organizations.

Contact us by phone, email or via social media.

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