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  • Marty Zimmerman

Incorporating Valentine’s Day Into Your Digital Stewardship Plan

After ushering in the new year, you might be welcoming a break from holidays altogether, but don't shy away from embracing Valentine's Day as a unique opportunity for donor stewardship. Donors have undoubtedly received countless year-end solicitations. Using this time to shower them with love will create an opportunity to grow happy, loyal donors with a touchpoint that doesn't involve an ask because let's be honest, we don't want to only reach out when we need something

4 Ways You Can Incorporate Valentine's Day Into Your Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Prepare a Valentine’s email blast: Create a thoughtful message of appreciation to send to your donor list. Incorporate donor impact messaging, but keep the copy concise.

  2. Share a Valentine’s message or card on social media: Community members, volunteers, board members, and donors alike should be a part of your social network. They offer a great opportunity to spread the love to a larger audience of supporters.

  3. Send ecards to your mailing lists: Customize your own ecard that highlights your mission via a free online card service such as Open Me.

  4. Share a short video: Capture a message of love and appreciation in a short video that can be shared with a larger group on social media or create something more personalized for specific donors. Including and highlighting staff, volunteers, or clients who benefit from donor contributions is a great way to deepen community connection.

Who Should Receive A Valentine?

Ideally, contributors at all levels; however, if you and your team do not have the capacity, select a couple stakeholder groups to focus on such as:

  • Major donors

  • Recurring donors

  • New donors

  • Board and Committee members

  • Volunteers

  • Community Partners

Don't forget to make it about them, that a little can go a long way, and to keep the love flowing all year long.


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