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Tax Reform - How Non-profits Can Succeed

Whatever your political beliefs, the passing of the new tax law leaves many non-profits concerned for the future. The way the bill is structured may provide sweeping changes to the non-profit industry. It is likely that there will still be a number of changes to the tax laws via waivers, court challenges, etc. However, the key factor as of right now is how the non-profit community will adjust. Scary numbers are being thrown out in the media about the impact of this bill, including reports that 200,000 jobs will be eliminated and billions of dollars will no longer be donated to non-profits. Additionally, many non-profits are already feeling financially pinched due to reductions in federal gra

A Passport to Success: How One Nonprofit Amped Up Colorado Gives Day

Before there was Giving Tuesday, the Centennial State embraced its nonprofits with Colorado Gives Day. Starting in 2010, Community First Foundation made a commitment in partnership with 1STBank to encourage charitable giving through this annual statewide movement. Each year, donations from individuals to participating nonprofits get boosted by a $1 million incentive fund. But as Colorado Gives Day grows, the piece of the pie received by nonprofits shrinks. With numerous competing online donation campaigns, year-end giving appeals, events, and the craziness of the holiday season, how can your organization stand out on Colorado Gives Day? This year, one of our clients, Heart & Hand Center, too

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