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Ways to Help Your Community During the COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Person wearing gloves hands bag of groceries to person wearing mask.

If COVID-19 has a silver lining, it is that it has shined a light on some truly stunning acts of altruism, kindness, and generosity. Many folks (including our incredible clients) have an unwavering commitment to supporting the most vulnerable members of their communities. With so many organizations doing such fantastic work, if you’re looking to help, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are our suggestions for how to support your community during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Participate in #GivingTuesdayNow. On May 5, 2020, global communities will be coming together to raise funds for emergency COVID-19 response efforts. You can be part of this collective fundraising effort by donating to your favorite nonprofit and, better yet, by sharing your support and encouraging others to donate on social media. Now is the time to mobilize your networks to give to relief efforts.

  2. Think local, think small. Colorado has many collaborative, statewide initiatives where you can donate and volunteer, such as Help Colorado Now. That said, many nonprofit organizations lack the resources to put out big calls for volunteers but still need your help. Consider the local organizations that you already love and donate to.

  3. Maintain an attitude of curiosity. It’s fun to come up with your own ideas for ways to help. However, the people who know communities’ needs best are those who run organizations that help these communities everyday. Once you’ve chosen a local organization to support, reach out to a staff member and ask how you can be helpful. They may need help in ways that hadn’t occurred to you.

  4. Make giving back a daily practice. The beautiful thing about giving back is that it can be incorporated into simple, small, everyday actions. Ordering take out? Think about a local, mission-driven restaurant. Buying a gift online? Check out small organizations with social missions or buy art from local artists. Supporting local, independently owned businesses is more important than ever.

  5. Take care of those who are close to you. Caring for those who are close to you—family, friends, neighbors, and work teams—builds resilient communities and reduces the burden on local social services organizations. Do you know anyone who lives alone, has a compromised immune system, or recently lost a job? See what you can do to help.

Healing from this crisis will not be a quick or easy process, but you can be part of the solution by finding simple, small ways to help folks in your local community and incorporating giving back into your daily life. In doing so, you can help build more resilient communities that heal collaboratively.

Allegra Mangione, Marketing Implementer

Allegra Mangione | Marketing Implementer

Allegra holds a B.A. in Human Services and International Affairs. Her experience in the nonprofit sector spans marketing, strategic communications, foundation relations management, program development, strategic planning, M&E, fundraising campaigns, and event coordination.

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