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  • Marty Zimmerman

Setting your Organization up for Success in the New Year

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The new year is almost upon us which means it is time for reflection and goal-setting. As we head into 2023, nonprofit organizations continue to face challenges with workforce retention, maintaining and growing their donor base, and more.

Speech bubble that says 1, 2, 3...Let's Go!

Here are a few recommendations from the ZIM team to set your team up for success in 2023:

Stay up to date on nonprofit trends that impact your organization

Review the organization's successes and challenges from the last year.

  • Where is there room for improvement?

  • How can you recreate and build upon the successes?

Set measurable SMART goals for the year

  • Consider goals for each segment of the organization: governance, administration, fundraising/development, programming, evaluation, and marketing.

Clean up your databases and documents

Assess the tools and technology your organization is using

  • Does your team have the tools it needs to reach the SMART goals they’ve set out?

  • Is there room for automating tasks to reduce the burden on your staff for repeatable or routine tasks?

  • Does your organization have the resources to invest in the tools it needs if there are gaps?

Evaluate the donor stewardship plan and refresh donor communications

Update website content to ensure the latest most relevant information is front and center

Create a communications calendar mapping all social media and email campaigns/communications for the next 12 months

Review board responsibilities, commitment, and needs

  • Work with the board to understand their goals and how they’d like to support the organization

  • Provide board members with the tools they need to be successful

Celebrate your successes and your team!


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